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Harold Ramis to Ghostbusters: “Bring It On, Bros.”

I write for everybody. Or, really, for anyone who can read and is not hopelessly f***ed in the head.” – Harold Ramis, 2009

CHICAGO—Hovering above the press conference outside his Chicago home, writer, director, actor and humorist Harold Ramis was pretty transparent about his intentions: “I ain’t afraid of no ‘busters.”

“They may be beloved, but they’re not likely up for the task of taking me down,” Ramis said in reference to America’s most renown ghost hunting team, The Ghostbusters. “I spent a good portion of my life analyzing these paranormal investigators, and I’m surprisingly well-versed in their techniques.”

Ramis held this press conference following his death Monday morning. In life, he was known for his shenanigans at both Playboy and the Second City, as well as on the sets of the films National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978), Caddyshack (1980), Stripes (1981), Groundhog Day (1993), Analyze This (1999) and several episodes of NBC’s The Office.

“I’ve always just done what I wanted to do and what interested me, and I’m not going anywhere” Ramis said, adding that he’s eager for the opportunity to be the “spook-inest ghost with the most, or something.”

The Ghostbusters arrived on the scene just after Ramis’ departure to collect readings. The usually chatty team declined to comment, and Dr. Egon Spengler was curiously absent. – GS


5 Reasons Why Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is GOOD

Let’s be straight here — Man of Steel 2 is going to be Crazy Town Banana Pants. Like, this is gonna be Enter The Void for comic book nerds.

The Facts: Homicidal maniac Clark Kent is now up against Ben Affleck as Batman (presumably because of his chin), Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman (because she is actually perfect), and Jeremy Irons is Alfred (for no reason I can identify). Also, we are going to see it, and so will China, and nothing short of an I Am Legend-style apocalypse is going to stop this film from both happening and making a small-island’s worth of money. All clear? Good.

That said, Jesse Eisnberg as Lex Luthor, whether he’s tattooed or bald or whatever, makes the most sense of all the recent casting decisions. And here’s a few reasons why.

1)   Jesse Eisenberg Is Young.

Want to build a franchise? Make sure everyone is young enough to keep the thing going. Plus, we’ve seen Superman fight Old Lex on the big screen.

2)   Jesse Eisenberg Seems Highly Beat-Up-Able.

Eisenberg’s characters reflect in a certain meekness that could add a layer of complexity, of misunderstanding, to a previously hammy character most known for his obsession with land.

3)   Jesse Eisenberg Knows How To Be Angry. (and we like him when he’s angry.)

Superman kicking sand in Eisenberg’s angsty, self-righteous face will certainly press all his buttons, causing him to kick chairs while he orders Charles Atlas’ Dynamic Tension book — or build an entire suit out of Kryptonite.

4)   Jesse Eisenberg Can Be A Dick.

I have nothing to expand on here.

5)   Jesse Eisenberg IS NOT Lex Luthor (as we know him).

Say what you will about Man of Steel, but Zack Snyder giving us one thing: Something we’ve never seen before. Casting an unconventional actor to play the role means a different Lex than we are used to. If you want another bald, middle aged guy, you gotta 80 years of stuff to read or watch or play (if you like those video games). Me? I’m open to something new.