Ash Ketchum is the Worst Pokemon Trainer Ever


“I wanna be the very best,” the song says. Unfortunately, for more than 15 years now, Ash Ketchum has been doing everything in his power to prove that’s not true.

Maybe that’s unnecessarily harsh. Ash is only a 10-year-old, after all, and he can’t control the awful hand that the writers of the show have dealt him. But after his most recent failing in the Unova Pokemon League, it’s time to document the journey of one Ash Ketchum and where it all went wrong.

ash ketchum

Silly Ash! You can’t tap that!


Ash stumbles through his first season as a rookie trainer with an out-of-control Pikachu, a cute friend who won’t leave him alone about her destroyed bike, a friend with no eyes who hits on everything that moves, and a trio that constantly follows him and tricks the group with cheap disguises. This is all well and good. Unfortunately, the gym leaders of the region hand Ash badges like they’re candy, so he learns nothing along the way. For example:

  • Against Brock, he uses Pikachu against a ground type. This goes so poorly that he has to forfeit his first encounter, and he only wins the second time around because he accidentally destroys a sprinkler system and douses Onix in water, just as Brock was showing him mercy.
  • Against Misty, Pikachu refuses to battle, so Ash is stuck without his electric type. But that’s okay, because Misty’s sisters want to give him the badge anyway without a fight.
  • Against Lt. Surge, Ash gets his ass kicked so badly by Raichu that he considers forcing Pikachu to evolve just to have a chance. But they figure something out (in what admittedly was a pretty cool battle) by using Pikachu’s speed, and actually win a fight for the first time.
  • Against Sabrina…god, where do I start. Sabrina starts the first fight with an Abra. That’s right. Unfortunately for Ash, it immediately evolves, meaning he can no longer win by default when Abra only knows Teleport. Instead, Kadabra kicks his Pikachu’s ass. So he goes to get a ghost type. In the process, his soul leaves his body and his friends are sad because they think he’s dead, but Ash doesn’t care — he just trolls Misty instead. In Round 2, Haunter refuses to battle, so Brock and Misty get turned into dolls because I don’t know why just go with it okay geez. In Round 3, Ash is getting dominated again when Haunter appears to make Sabrina laugh. Good enough for a badge!
  • Against Erika, Ash wins the first part of the fight with his Charmander (good so far), then tries to use Pikachu against a grass type (going downhill) before the gym lights on fire from Team Rocket’s meddling (no surprise there) and Erika gives Ash a badge for helping to put out the fire (don’t coddle him!).
  • Against Koga, Ash actually almost earns a badge by using Charmander to defeat Koga’s Golbat. Sure, Koga doesn’t use more than one Pokemon or try any of the poison tactics he’s known for in the games, but that’s okay. Badge get!
  • Against Blaine, the quiz master is up to his usual tricks, and so is Ash. His Squirtle is destroyed by Ninetales, his Charizard refuses to battle Rhydon, and then he sends in Pikachu. Against a ground type. Again. But wait! He kills Rhydon by targeting its horn or something! Yeah! But then Magmar ruins his day and Ash forfeits. He manages to win the rematch because Charizard decides to care and annihilates Magmar with the biggest Seismic Toss you’ve ever seen.
  • Against…well, not against Giovanni. Before Ash can get to the eighth gym leader, Gary tries his luck, and his reward is fighting a Mewtwo. Thanks for playing, Gary. Ash doesn’t have to fight Mewtwo, though, or even Giovanni — he gets Team Rocket, or as we like to call it, “here, just take this badge because they suck.”

Eight badges, and Ash won, what, two fights? Maybe three if we’re generous? Meanwhile, there’s a whole bunch of losses mixed in there. Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that he loses in the top 16 at the Pokemon League that year, although he does manage to beat Gary before coming up short against a new “friend” who also has a Pikachu. So basically, the Kanto gym leaders set Ash up for failure by handing him a bunch of badges for no reason. Thanks a lot, guys.

But we’re just getting started.

Silly Ash! Pokemon are supposed to use Surf!

Silly Ash! Pokemon are supposed to use Surf!


Ash actually manages to win something — he goes to the Orange Islands, does a bunch of nonsense that has nothing to do with battling to win four “badges,” then takes on Drake for the championship in the coolest two episodes the show has ever seen. No, seriously, if you’ve haven’t watched the six-on-six battle that spanned two episodes, watch it right now.

He then heads to Johto with the same crew and an awesome new theme song, but the same problems. He barely wins the first badge despite having two very experienced Pokemon in Pikachu and Charizard. Blah blah blah he gets all eight badges. He meets Gary in the Pokemon League tournament again and manages to win despite not including Pikachu on his team because he’s an idiot. Unfortunately, he loses in the top 8 in a pretty good battle against Harrison that comes down to the wire. But hey, at least he improved on his finish!

Silly Ash! Only guilty people break out of jail!

Silly Ash! Only guilty people break out of jail!


I stopped paying as much attention at this point because the show creators decided “hey, the hell with Misty, let’s get rid of her.” But Ash goes through his usual shenanigans, picking bad type matchups and making up rules as he goes. With eight badges in hand, he heads to this version of the Pokemon League and runs into another rival, Tyson. The 6-on-6 battle comes down to each character’s staple Pokemon — Ash’s level 120 Pikachu and Tyson’s Meowth. Meowth manages to beat Pikachu because he’s wearing a hat and Pikachu is not. But hey, at least Ash improved on his fini–wait, he only got to the top 8 again. Well, it’s not like Ash has been working on this for 200+ episodes by this point. He’s going to be a Pokemon master!

Silly Ash! Your mom doesn't love you!

Silly Ash! Your mom doesn’t love you!


Eight badges, etc. Having replaced Misty’s replacement with another replacement, Ash, Brock and Dawn head to the Sinnoh championship. Ash finally makes a good decision — he doesn’t befriend anyone right before the tournament starts, meaning that he shouldn’t have to lose to them when “luck” makes them face each other. And he battles all the way to the top 4, meaning he’s just two wins away from finally fulfilling his dream. There’s nothing that can stop him now, right?


For once, it’s not even one of Ash’s mistakes that costs him. The only mistake he made was daring to dream.

His opponent in the semifinals starts the match by sending out Darkrai.


Yes, kids, legendaries are now approved at the Pokemon League and other gym battles, so Tobias has marched through everything to this point with just his Darkrai. Why is he taking a Darkrai to fight level 10 Pokemon at an early gym? Why is he even bothering with the tournament in the first place? We’ll never know. All we know is that the creators seemingly ran out of ways to justify an experienced trainer like Ash losing, so they just said the hell with it and put him in an impossible battle.

It should be noted that Ash actually managed to knock out Darkrai in this 6-on-6 fight after losing half his team in the process, and his reward for being the first person to beat Darkrai is that Tobias sends out a FREAKING LATIOS. That’s right, kids, he’s packing multiple legendaries but still wasting his time with paltry tournaments. Ash takes that out, too, but only at the expense of his final Pokemon, as Pikachu (who’s probably crying at this point) and Latios are knocked out at the same time. But hey, at least Ash improved on his finish!

Silly Ash! That's not how you pop it and lock it!

Silly Ash! That’s not how you pop it and lock it!


And here we have the impetus for this post. As you’ve probably noticed by now, I have some beef with how the Pokemon series has developed. But as the newest version of the Pokemon League unfolded in Japan, I thought this might be the time for Ash to shine. Maybe he’ll actually win the tournament. Maybe he’ll at least make it to the finals before coming up short in agonizing fashion. Maybe he’ll use all of his heavy hitters that he’s assembled over the years, like Snorlax, Charizard, Sceptile, Infernape, Torterra, Heracross, and that level 356 Pikachu.


In last Thursday’s episode, Ash bowed out in the top 8 again. That’s right, he actually managed to get worse this time around in his fifth attempt to become a Pokemon Master. How does this happen? Well, the writers decided to saddle Ash with a new trick — he only uses Pokemon from his current team, meaning that all those powerful, dependable members of his team are nowhere to be found.

He faces a trainer in the top 8 who starts out with a Riolu. Ash brings out a Snivy — yes, the unevolved version of the grass starter who is affectionally known as Smugleaf. And what happens in this sixth-round battle? The Riolu evolves into a Lucario! Yes! It just so happens that at the start of the current battle (not the end of the last one where it, you know, got all that experience), Ash has run into another unexpected evolution, and one that gives him a type disadvantage to boot!


Silly Ash! You can't win at Pokemon OR at love!

Silly Ash! You can’t win at Pokemon OR at love!

In Conclusion

Ash sucks.

It’s not really his fault, but he’s had SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-NINE EPISODES to fulfill his dream from day one, and he hasn’t even come close. Now, at best, he’s going to have to wait for the anime to move on to the sixth generation, assuming the show carries on as X and Y release in October.

And before you go off on me, I get it — it’s a kids’ show, and if Ash actually won a tournament, they’d probably have to find a new main character. But would that be so bad at this point? Most of the series’ staple characters are long gone (including almost the entire voice acting crew) and the only mainstay is Ash, his stupid hat, and his level 914 Pikachu. Maybe it’s time to throw Ash a bone, and let this eternally 10-year-old kid get a win for once?

Nah. We’d rather watch him suffer.

Silly Ash! Let go of your hopes and dreams!

Silly Ash! This is what you get for having hope!

117 responses to “Ash Ketchum is the Worst Pokemon Trainer Ever

  1. so true, although i always though of charizard being more power than that f***ing stinkapoo

    • Can i just point out that early episodes (kanto and jhoto) pikachu is pretty much at the same level as bulbasaur and his crappy unevolved squirtle

      • and keep in mind that if pikachu is level 914 charazard must be about lv 2000 . there have been soooooo many mistakes and foolishness and annoying shit in pokemon i’d love to see ash get together with every current and previous traveling companion including gary and richie at prof oaks with every single one of ash’s pokemon .
        probably wont happen though -_-
        the one thing i do prefer in the last few gens is seeing there pokemon more like when they have them outside of their pokeballs . personally it gets somewhat annoying and repetitive watching F****ng pikachu all the time
        some of the worst things ash had done was get rid of his pokemon(the good ones) – lapras , charizard , butterfree ,haunter-gave it to sabrina -_- , primeape-he only had for a few episodes -_- -_-) and pidgeott – he left Straight after it evolved and became pretty powerfull-_- -_- -_-
        yeah nice work ash —-______—-

  2. i think there should just be a more adult type pokemon series by getting rid of ash and having misty as the main character and having may , richie and iris tag along

    • How the f*** does he stay 10 year old forever. If I’m not mistaken it takes him at least 8 months to win 8 badges!! To add on he qualified for 7 leagues or something like that. Just let him f***ing win!!

      • I seem to remember that the anime says it was three years since the start of his adventure when he met May. So he really should be in the 14-16 range. He also had a one-year anniversary with Pikachu at some point. But how old does the new anime say he is? 10! I guess he’s immortal or something.

      • Theres a theory to answer this, and it’s pretty cool in my opinion.
        So, you remember that Ho-Oh Ash saw in the first episode? Well in Ho-Oh’s pokedex entry for one of the Pokemon games, it states that whoever sees it will be granted eternal happiness or something.
        Ash’s form of eternal happiness is being able to battle forever. Which means he won’t age, and will therefore forever be young and ready to battle.

  3. His Unova league loss is a lot worse than you described. The guy he lost to is an idiot who thought you only needed 7 badges for the Unova league, and would have been disqualified if Ash hadn’t told him otherwise. And he thought you only needed 5 Pokemon in a full battle. Yes, Ash lost to an idiot even with a 6v5 advantage.

    • The sad thing is that when I wrote this post, all I had to go on was screenshots of the episode on Serebii. Not even a subtitled video of when it aired in Japan. So I really had no idea, and now I’m even more sad than I thought possible.

        • It’s not Ash’s fault, but he is an idiot. Even though he’s encountered Team Rocket about 640 times by now (not an exaggeration), they can still put on a pair of glasses and completely fool our heroes with their clever disguise. In episode 406(!), he uses a normal attack on a ghost Pokemon even though that’s been a terrible idea since day one. Ash tries, and he’s fulfilling his role as the enduring lead character who caters to new fans who are playing the games, but…he’s the worst trainer ever.

      • not to mention loosing his fire/fighting type to a water type … his only advantage over lucario other than krookodile

  4. I don’t think that they’d have to make up a new main character if Ash ever won a league (not counting OI or BF), because to become a true pokemon master, you’d need to take on and win all the leagues, as well as beating a champion. If Ash won a league, he’d still continue on his journey.

    • I suppose that’s true. Then again, that just goes to further the point that they should just have Ash win something already…what do they have to lose?

      • The writers of Pokemon wants Ash to lose so that they can drag him off to some new Region. Plus, did you see each new season of Ash losing to the Pokemon League is changing? The first one he is so depressed with his head hang low, and when it comes to Unova, he is hardly minding it and only checks on Pikachu, meaning that defeat is a-okay for it makes you stronger. Our Ash Ketchum is much more great than what we think.

    • Next Season of Pokemon: Ash travelling to every league and kicking ass with his Ice-Punch Snorlax and the Celebi that he gave to Kurt in the GS ball

  5. Yeah. We need a win!

    All this sucks though since Ash is good at battle tactics, it’s just that he makes poor choices in raising his Pokemon and choosing Pokemon for his team.

    I don’t care if they prolong him becoming Pokemon Master, but they’re doing it wrong (my opinion).

  6. ash has tenacity no skill just tenacity and thats it no skill oh he has some luck to not much but some

    • You know most of the time I wonder how Ash even loses some matches…..That riolu he fought took down his unfeazant in one shot with a force palm…….My question is how that’s even possible unless it’s another pikachu at lvl 500. And even still the riolu was getting beat up by pikachu and then all of sudden does Spirit Bomb aura ball and instant win.

      Ash does have good tactics like getting rid of sandstorm in the duel vs clay by aiming water gun up and spraying the field with rain. Or against paul making pikachu use quick attack on frosglass so it would go through and follow it up with and iron tail from behind avoiding the spam of ice shards. Or using the momentum of pikachu’s falling body to combine volt tackle and iron tail for a combo hit.

      • I think that’s the biggest problem. Sometimes Ash is resourceful and figures things out in smart ways. And other times he uses a fire type against a water type. There’s no consistency. Maybe I’m just asking too much from a kids’ show — I dunno.

  7. I truly love pikachu!!! He is my FAVORITE POKÉMON!!! But over the years the writers have turned him into a mine less thing that sits on Ash’s shoulder. I hate it! I wish pikachu actually did something nowadays!!!

    • They pretty much wrote Pikachu into a corner, unfortunately. He shouldn’t ever lose at this point, but winning all the time makes for a boring character. Then again, by having Ash leave all his other strong Pokemon like Charizard and Sceptile behind, they set a weird precedent where Pikachu is fighting level 1 Water types and losing. So…good job, writers.

      • I think they cant get pikachu out of the show because Pikachu is the image of Pokemon and despite of that point of “they put pikachu into a corner” be a truth, and i agree with it, they simply cant remove it, at least for me pikachu is even more important than ash, i just keep watching the last battles because of pikachu and believe me im older enough to stop it :D Plus i think the best to do is start a new character… im getting sick of this even if i dont watch it, misty and brock are fundamental for this series and the suppose love between ash and misty should have had other finish. in conclusion writers made many mistakes and the series only resists because its an anime one and new kids are borning every day, etc, etc.. thats my opinion and im kind of sad because pokemon made my younger youth, the games and stuff and i cant see a proper finish :( sorry by bad english by the way…

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  9. imagine it like ash finally wins and then we go to a new main character and his goal is to one day beat ash now the pokemon master

  10. Over 700 episodes and they’re still worried about changing the formula? An “over 9000” level Pikachu losing to Panpour? Followed up by a totally inept Oshawott defeating Pansage’s solar beam -_-. It’s so weird that the writers seemed adamant that they wanted the Unova league series to be Gen 5 only yet they still plonk the yellow furball on Ash’s shoulder. Gen 5 has no shortage of cute Pokemon for the mascot, Axew, Minccino or Emolga could’ve easily filled that roll on there own, it’s time to put Pikachu out to pasture. I kind of get the whole “choosing types that are specifically weak” thing the show does, it helps to add an excitement to a fight, but Ash literally does it ALL THE DAMN TIME! Also why are they so scared to evolve his damn pokemon? Septile and Charizard, two fully evolved stage 2’s were arguably Ash’s most reliable pokemon, it’s just embarrassing seeing him enter a tournament with three unevolved starter pokemon.

    • Can’t really disagree with any of this. They’re trying to have their cake (familiar character striving to be the best) and eat it too (keep dangling that goal in front of him and never let him achieve it). Unfortunately, that just leads to 700 episodes of an absolute writing mess.

  11. OH please….. You idiots think you can do better ? You think you could set up a bunch of moves and it will magically 100% connect ? In the anime a 100% acc move could easily miss. In the anime a stupid move like string shot could have other effect than slowing your speed. So stop being an idiots and complaining about a kids show while playing a turn base kids game

    • I guess you’re asking if the people who have commented on this article could be a better cartoon character than Ash Ketchum? You know, if they were sucked through their TVs into some magical world where moves make no sense, romance never develops and continuity is for suckers? Where rules are made to be broken?

      The answer is still yes. A preschooler could still perform better than the writers have written Ash Ketchum. But we’ll do our best to stop being “an idiots” for you.

      • Oh please like a Preschooler would think to use smoke screen to darken the field and then switch between Pokemon or make his Oshawott use Water Gun and spin around to stop sandstorm….I’m not saying some of us wouldn’t adapt faster than others at the sudden change of environment but at the beginning Ash would probably cream us all if we were to use something like ‘Earthquake’ and expect it to K-O pikachu and not expect Ash to say something around the lines as “Pikachu use Iron Tail on the ground to jump up!” or “Pikachu ride Electro Ball to absorb the damage!”….

    • Well i am a kid so u guys are right ash sucks I think they should end with two things we have been dying for ash becomes a pokemon master and he gets a girlfriend

  12. Ash should age to at least 16 or 17 years of age to show that he’s more wiser and his pikachu should be more over powered like the writers are dumb everyone would watch it if they put somemore maturity and personality.

    • A time jump definitely seems appropriate. I know that the series continues to add new fans along the way, but people who enjoyed the original Game Boy games are in their 20s and 30s now. Why not shoot for a slightly more mature tone while still keeping the show brightly colored and kid-friendly? I’m not asking for Breaking Bad style writing here — just something more nuanced.

  13. Ash is not only an idiot with bad decision making, he rarely train his Pokemon and I seriously don’t know why they call him a trainer. The reason he beat his rivals is because he had strong Pokemon including Charizard but he didn’t train Charizard before the Silver Conference and he beat Paul because his Infernape use to belong to Paul and Infernape’s blaze ability overwhelmed Paul’s Electivire. Ash is a good tactician I give him that but a trainer? Hell no.

  14. “Hey, so I got kidnapped for, like, all day, and two of my Pokemon are completely exhausted. Is it cool if we pick up this tournament battle tomorrow?”

    “Nope! Ha ha! Fuck you!”

  15. I think that might be wrong because Ash Ketchum is O.P and i bet the anime did that on purpose to not let him win or else he just a champ and can’t go anywhere and also he is not the worst trainer he also could have caught victini in the unova movie 14 dumb Sh#T

  16. i agree with you and i hate son of a bitch he suck he cry to much i want him to died . Come on give the females a try be become a pokemon master not alway ash this and pikachu this. why can eevee be a mascot i dont like pikachu i only trained one because in the kalos region not alot of eletric types. who care about ash coma boy.

  17. The whole reason Ash keeps losing the Pokemon League is to teach kids that you can’t get everything you want in life but still, you would expect with a Chuck Norris Pikachu and Bruce Lee Charizard he would have gotten somewhere and would be smart enough to have an all round team. And have his Yip-Man Infernape pwn the Darkrai. And maybe even a Gengar or Scyther which the Scyther will pwn both the Darkrai and Latios since they’re both weak against Bug Type Pokemon.

    • Exactly. Heck, if they really want to go with the “you can’t get what you want” route, here’s something I hadn’t even considered: Why not have Ash win the Pokemon League of that region, and maybe even the Elite Four, but lose to the champion? It gives him some points as a credible trainer but still leaves him something to strive for.

      Or, you know, we can just keep starting over every time. Sigh.

  18. Ash: oh well lost sinnoh league time to abandon friends and pokemon and go to unova!

    Me:* slaps ash across face* freakin’ win something douche bag I’m sick of you and that yellow puff ball on your shoulder!

    • Yeah, I think that’s one of the most frustrating aspects. Oh, you failed to win the Pokemon League in a region again? Well, time to head to the next one and repeat the exact same mistake! We certainly couldn’t just retry the same league twice!

  19. I have completed it and boy was that a good read. Ash sucks and I agree. He should have been swapped out ages ago if they wanted to keep with the idea of a new trainer starting his journey for the first time. Why not give other Pokemon the limelight to be loved and make us the original fans (not anymore, I hate the anime it’s annoying to watch) actually care again. That one shot they did for X and Y before Ash the almighty looser returned was way better than all of the PKM episodes combined. (please note this excludes the movies and one in particular the first one [it was the first show to make me cry]).

    All in all I love this article its one of the best I’ve ever read and by far really entertaining.

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  21. I don’t even think that Ash is 10 anymore. He should be, like, 27! And he didn’t even win some of the Indigo League badges. Speaking of which, I really don’t like the Sabrina backstory. Personally I think that she deserves more than that. And she doesn’t even talk after Ash “wins.” I guess that’s probably what irks me the most.

    • As viewers, we’re supposed to fill in Sabrina’s back story through the mysterious man who keeps giving Ash advice (who turns out to be her father). Unfortunately, the writers spent way too much time on him and not enough on making Sabrina into her own character.

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  23. yes in Unova league, If the team was Pikachu Serperior Charizard Embroar Samurott and Even Snorlax Ash Would have won easily but no.just like Ash his pokemons are retartded so they wont grow

  24. Heh, I hadn’t watched Pokemon since the 90’s. Then I watched the mind numbing Black and White movie with Pokemon that had booster Rockets and one that looked like a Digimon and lots of Pokemon around but Ash not bothering to trying to catch any of them and I slipped into a boredom induced coma and had a nightmare about all the Pokemon that he left behind (abandon) decades ago at Professor Oaks and how the last 15 years of his life is wholly unproductive.

    Also I thought Unova region looked like what I imagine to be Mongolia and was wondering why they were all wearing stoner tuques and also what’s with scraggy and his ultra loose foreskin. What a useless Pokemon.


    • It’s not that we’re mad that he comes in top 16, 8 or 4. It’s the fact that he gets rid of his strongest pokemon every damn region. If you really want to be a pokemon master then you can’t keep starting off from the beginning because you’ll never get anywhere. Also why the hell does ash use fire types against water types and other type disadvantages? You would think by now that ash would have learned about type disadvantages and use them to his advantage in batlle. Also yes we get that the point of the anime is to be continuous. You can still continue the pokemon show with a new main character and have ash as one of the people to beat or one of the rivals. Or you could do something like game of thrones, where they switch between many groups of people. We could see how ash’s journey is going (for the little kids) and see how another persons journey is going (for the growing audience).

      Take yu-gi-oh for example. Yugi rarely lost but it was still a great show. Just because the protagonist wins a lot doesn’t mean the show can’t be awesome, it would make the viewers aspire to be like ash.

  26. Guys, the writers are doing this on purpose. He is losing the pokemon league everytime to make a new story and show their new created pokemon. Pikachu has to be lvl 1000 or something, but in every new journey pikachu wil be lvl 1 that’s why he won of a regiIce and lost of a lvl 5 snivy

  27. ash is amazing and when i first watched it when i was 9 ,i cryed when he lost against gary oak for the fist time and how stupid he was to use pretty weak pikachu back then. he had charizard and other pokemon.and any ways i think that in Unova pikachu would of evolved by now!i havent watched all the episodes but i think they havent made pikachu evolve yet cuz he might not be the same.or,that everyone mostly every one is a fan of pikachu and doesnt want him to change and the writers might lose young viewers,well maybe not im just guessing!>.<

  28. didnt misty like ash but ash doesnt understand love.thats what i hate about him.he cant even take a on this one episode this guy falls in love with misty and misty chooses ash instead. he even said he was a very lucky guy! man and the new iris chick shes ok but always says that everyone else acts a lil kid when she does too! sorry to complain to much but its true. but iris is cool! shes a dragon type trainer!

  29. Ok after X Y If im the writers we have to find a way to write Ash of television. or ash loses again falls into like a depression and goes home. after about a year or two writing the new season the season comes back and you start episode 1 With it saying 3 years later and ash has been spending his time training his pokemon with proffesor oak. Bulbasaur is now venasaur his Pidegeot has returned home he has gotten his primeape back squirtle is blastoise now. Gary has returned home and is the citys gym leader. Ash has new goals he feels he’s not a kid anymore. he challenges the Pokemon league again in kanto with Pikachu, Venasaur,Blastoise,Charizard,Crocorock,and Pidgeot. HE WINS the pokemon league and is the champion. He goes home next day people from the pokemon league arrive at his house. with news saying they have scraped the pokemon league tourny and starting next year they will be starting the Elite four.They Offer ash A spot in the elite 4. (Not video games style so certain types not relevant) ash accepts it becoming part of the elite 4 at the age 17. episode 2 introduce a new charecter starting there journey. And thats how you write ash off Tv dedicate a whole episode to him accomplishing his dream. And you can still throw him certain episodes down the road.

    • I like the idea. A lot of it makes sense and it still works within the framework of the 600+ episodes we’ve seen so far.

      Unfortunately, because it makes sense, there’s no way it’ll ever actually happen.

  30. In the words of One Piece’s Kizaru: “You gotta have more than courage. Without any strength, you can’t do anything, no matter how hard you try.”

  31. ash u say it is,but now the only interesting part of pokemon are 1 gym battles and 2 the movies,f*** the leagues u know the result.some f***ing looser he met in the way become champion. thats why he must not talk to strangers :P

  32. the hilarious thing is that after some seasons of episodes he tried to catch a pokemon just simply tosssing the pokeball on it,without a fight like he didnt know,like he didnt go to a journey before….or the battles charizard wins over a articuno and looses from blaziken omg that f***ing script…..

  33. the sad thing is that pokemon anymore isnt even for kids but for brainless zombies…..or they think we are fools…i mean the fans of pokemon.

  34. I will say that Ash May Misty Brock and Dawn they should go out for journey or Ash May Misty and Brock guys I miss Brock May and Misty they were so cool and nice and May sttyle was so nice please start a new season with that and make it a regular show full week in english please……………………….

  35. I stopped watching pokemon years ago until a few weeks ago when I decided to restart watching the series from the beginning. And boy was I pissed!! I always thought ash was a shitty trainer (yes even a freakin 8 yr old will tell you ash sucks) but holy crap after re-watching the kanto league (and i’ve almost finished the orange league) I can honestly say that I underestimated his crapiness. I refuse to accept “continuity” as a valid excuse for keeping that disgrace of a trainer and his annoying lvl 9000 pikachu on screen, losing every time. As other commentators have proven there are definitely some very good ways to take him off and still be able to continue the show. It’s too bad the writers don’t have a speck of creativity and talent but of course that seems to be the main requirement to become a writer for the series.

    • I think the utter lack of development is most frustrating because of two reasons. Keeping Ash would be fine if he ever did anything, and replacing him would be fine if he was going to be stuck as the same character. Well…here we are.

  36. HOLD UP! I just realized they have permanently fucked ash over. Because even if he wins one league now he still can’t be called a pokemon master I mean 1 out of 7 pokemon leagues, he’d have to challenge all the leagues. Albeit the fact that he’s been ten since the day I was born and I’m now 16, so I guess he has time.

    • I know right. If the writers would just make Ash bring out all of his super strong pokemon from throughout the years then he would wreck everybody. I mean come on just bring Pikachu, Torterra, Infernape, Charizard, Snorlax, and Sceptile. He would not lose. Plus the writers only let Ash evolve something every once in awhile despite their overwhelming experience. I mean all of the people he fights in tournaments beat him because he has underevolved pokemon. Like WTF!!!

      • That’s another corner they wrote themselves into, and it’s similar to the Pikachu situation. Keep strong team members around and have no conflict? Raise up new Pokemon who won’t ever be as strong because they won’t evolve? Make an unevolved Pokemon (like Bulbasaur) buff and try to balance it with the rest? The writers have no idea, and it shows.

  37. I hate him cause he hates bulbasaur turning to venusaur,squirtle turning to blastoise,charizard,pikachu,and his friends. He abandoned pikachu,squirtle,bulbasaur,and charizard. He just have them to get rid of. Pikachu is crying because Ash abandoned him. Chaizard is angry because Ash also abandoned him. Squirtle is sad because Ash gave him away. Bulbasaur is lonely because Ash forgot him and Ash’s friends quit his journey because he is the ultimately worst pokemon trainer. Remake that show with out Ash. Change it to Brendan but he will never

  38. Watching Pokemon makes me so bored because pretty much every season is the same story but with some tweaks and lots of the episodes are very similar too. It’s always him battling a trainer who has superior pokemon to him and them almost beating him until he remembers he has 777 three leaf covers in his jacket and 1 hits their hardest hitter with some weak ass Pokemon he never trains because he tells them that they can touch Misty’s boobs after the battle boosting their power level to 9000. The only trainers that ever have a chance against him are the ones that are as stupid as him or the ones in the league when he actually tries.

  39. We need a darker, more serious Pokemon involving Giovanni and a much more dangerous, effective Team Rocket. Let Giovanni have a Dark Moltres and Pikachu be realized as the key to defeating it. Yes, Ash: Giovanni is your father!

  40. “Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that he loses in the top 16 at the Pokemon League that year,”

    That’s actually pretty damned good. Think about it – the real world equivalent is the VGC tournament. Heck, let’s go down to regional level just because no league is a “world” league. That’s still pretty damned good

    • The problem isn’t with his first performance (which admittedly is good) — it’s with everything that happens after that benchmark has been set, specifically after he plateaus at top 4 and then starts regressing.

  41. I just always thought it was funny that ash gets to use more pokemon. There are many fights where Ash uses 2 or more of his pokemon to beat just one and he wins the battle.

    I’ll source just one of these as if I did them all it would make one really long comment.

    Episode 75 – Bad To The Bone Season 1
    Otoshi who challenges Ash to a fight for his badges. The number of pokemon to be used is never stated.

    Otoshi – Marowak
    Ash – Bulbasaur ( who is defeated) there you go ash LOST the fight!! Again! But, no as many times before Ash uses Pikachu to win the battle.

    Otoshi didn’t get to use more pokemon even know he has more. Ash just jumps in the air ans says I won!! battle over. I love the show but, this always just made me annoyed.

  42. hopefully more of ash’s pokemon this gen will evolve and hopefully ash will be smart enough to bring a few of his old pokemon back (the ones that can mega evolve) especially charizard

  43. Ash pokemon choices suck I don’t even know how he uses them to fight.At every Elite Four he loses,WTF!His dream is to be a pokemon master but he failed every Elite Four and just goes on to the next region after that. Moral:Dreams are fake.

  44. man i am sick and tire of ash getting his but kick! i mean he lost to a riolu and why can’t he catch a legendary if someone can tell why the writers want to keep pokemon going on for another 18 years what do u guys think because if ash loses this one i am done with pokemon i am just done

  45. Okay, listen here, I’m sick of everyone bagging on Ash. Yes, he’s weak, and not the best learner, but you want to know something? Neither are most of us! It takes at least ten times to beat a math formula or vocabulary lesson into my head, and that is when I have time to sit down and focus before pulling the information I learned back up. Him? He’s given less the a minute to decide his next Pokemon, and not even seconds to decide between moves. This isn’t the games, he can’t just sit there and strategize for two minutes. This show is supposed to show us a simi realistic kid, and excluding season 1 and 2(and the dreaded Unova), it does! He is creative, energetic, and optimistic, but he does have bad days as well as bad decisions. His feelings can get hurt, he and his friends do have fights, and it takes him time to learn. Honestly though, that’s all the more reason to love him. In real life you can try a hundred times and still not make the cut, and people know that’s okay. Get back up and try again, or find a new goal, you don’t always win, that’s life. But when he looses, when a ten year old looses to teens and adults, suddenly he has no right because he has tried too much to still be loosing! O shove off, leave the story writers alone. Because you want to know what I see when I look at Ash? A well rounded character I have enjoyed watching the last 17 of my 19 years on this planet.

    • nobody wants reality in anime thats why its anime
      if you want reality go see a slice of life flick somewhere

  46. O and another thing, as for his pokemon, let’s look at them like his, o I don’t know, FRIENDS! He travels with a new team every region, works hard to train them, to make new friends and catch new pokemon. If you had friends you worked beside to get somewhere big, but had other friends on standby to take their place when the ruff stuff arrives, would you feel better taking the ones you worked with the whole time to the grand finale, or some old, more experienced friends that didn’t work for it. Think in terms of people, not strategy. Pokemon and sentient, not tools, and if no one else does, at least Ash sees that. Every notice he befriends nearly every pokemon he catches BEFORE he tries to throw a ball at them? He is, if nothing else, ten times better then red just for that.

  47. he trains his pokemon like theyr gonna be 2gether forever
    and after every league he shoves them 2 professor oak

  48. I want pikachu to evolve into a raichu(favourite pokemon, that’s one reason), and a series dedicated to Jessie, James and Meowth, where they don’t follow the twerps, ’cause in that way they are not just a comic relief, but much cooler. Yeah,

  49. I think that at the end of X and Y the writers should do I time skip where ash is a champion or a gym leader of a region give him a couple kids and a wife and pikachu also has children of its own, and when one of ashes kids reaches the age of ten he or she will take one of pikachu’s kids to go out on a journey and train with it, Or as ash reached this point the government changes the law to where the person has to be older than ten to start on his journey and make the show a more serious anime.

  50. I gave up the anime half way through the 3rd generation xD luckily in the games we don’t have to see pikachu’s all the god damn time continues playing Omega Ruby with her Mega sceptile and Milotic-

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